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Forbes says we are the Best of the Web for Spring, 2005.

" of the most user-friendly gardening sites on the Internet...If [Dave] runs for anything, anything at all, he's got my vote." -- New Jersey Star-Ledger

"[The Garden Watchdog] is a mother of catalog sites..."
-- Anchorage Daily News

Denver Botanic Gardens: "Dave's Garden has done a wonderful job of giving both members and visitors a forum in which to talk gardening...This site is one of the best online community tools I have seen on the Web. It is easy to use, simple to sign up for and a great place to communicate with like-minded people."

What are our members saying about Dave's Garden? Keep reading to find out!

."This is one of the best places to spend time on the web, and one of the reasons for the web to exist. This is what every gardening magazine would be if it were constantly being updated 24-7."
-- ADKSpirit, Lake Placid, NY (Member since August 2002)

"I love this site, I spend hours here every night, and don't know what I'd do without it and all of the wonderful info it has provided me."
-- GreenThumbGreen, Iola, KS (Member since July 2004)

"You can tell that Dave is a gardening man. A gardening man's name and contributions show up everywhere when his heart cares about his work and interest with plants."
-- mdvaden, Beaverton, OR (Member since March 2003)

"The thing that impressed me the most, after the wealth of knowledge here, is the depth and duration of the friendships formed on these pages."
-- henryr10, Cincinnati, OH (Member since October 2002)

"I love DG, I have met so many wonderful, generous people through these forums."
-- sadiemaewebb, Salvisa, KY (Member since August 2003)

"My favorite place on the web! Great site, Great Admin, Great Members! Only site I have ever subscribed to."
-- angele, Elephant Butte, NM (Member since March 2005)

"I love this site. It is the only site I truly participate in, and my favorite part are the Forums. I use the Garden Watchdog on a regular basis and have used the PlantFiles frequently."
-- dottik, Oakland, OR (Member since April 2004)

"This is my home and always will be. I feel this is the best garden site on the web."
-- mystic, Ewing, KY (Member since September 2000)

"I subscribe to DG & one other gardening website. Dave's Garden is, by far, the best. It's just more "user friendly"... easier to navigate and easier to contact other members thru the memberlist. A valuable gardening resource!!!"
-- cottonpicker, King of Prussia, PA (Member since January 2003)

"I love this site. I have learned so much, met so many neat people and been shielded from "fly-by-night" nurseries by the Garden Watchdog."
-- vossner, Richmond, TX (Member since January 2004)

"Really this whole site is absolutely great. I would not be anywhere else. Everyone is extremely nice and always helpful, especially for us novice gardeners -what a wealth of info..."
-- cmalon, Worden, IL (Member since January 2005)

"I've watched DG 'grow up' over the years and I can say that everything that has been done has been with the intent of making things better, easier, get the picture. It's obviously a labor of love...that's why it stands head and shoulders above the other sites out there."
-- melody, Benton, KY (Member since January 2001)

"Dave's is also the most user friendly site on the web. And it's full of friendly users. From all over the planet. It is what the Internet shoulda ... coulda ... maybe will be..."
-- BloomsWithaView, Moab, UT (Member since April 2004)

"I love the forums, the Watchdog, the PlantFiles, and the people. Terry and Dave you are great, and mystic is magic :-) . And there are so many other people out there sharing their experiences and doing volunteer work. I have never failed to get a question answered. And I am really amazed that all of this information is stored."
-- doss, Stanford, CA (Member since July 2004)

"As someone who is new to gardening, I have never met so many useful, committed, and caring people. I tend to have a lot of questions, and they get answered... that's what matters to me!"
-- hpluver, Canadaigua, NY (Member since January 2004)

"This is truly a great website and resource."
-- danak, Lacey, WA (Member since March 2004)

"This site is the best. I can't wait to jump online and check for new post. The information and knowledge that I have collected or learned from this site and other gardeners has really increased my interest in gardening."
-- Kauai17, Round Rock, TX (Member since November 2004)

"This is my all time favorite site - I absolutely love it. I appreciate all that has been done to make it as wonderful as it is and the people here are the best."
-- plant_fiend, San Jose, CA (Member since October 2003)

"Every time I collect a plant and have to send to an expert to ID it for me, it takes weeks, even months to get a response. If I post a picture of the same plant here, I will most likely have an answer before the end of the day."
-- Monocromatico, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Member since April 2003)

"DG is friendly, generous, great it."
-- AlohaHoya, Keaau, HI (Member since December 2002)

"Where else do the members speak so openly with the administrators, knowing they are actually heard?"
-- JRush, Guilford, CT (Member since September 2003)

"No matter what the question is, there is someone out there that's seen or done it before. The combined knowledge is outstanding as well as priceless."
-- dovey, French Valley, CA (Member since July 2002)

"Best gardening site I have found. Love the people and the wealth of information offered."
-- se_eds, Millersburg, PA (Member since May 2004)

"While I'm impressed with all the features currently supported here on DG, it is magnified by timely and helpful responses from all of the admins."
-- TuttiFrutti, Spokane Valley, WA (Member since May 2004)

"It is most excellent, far superior to anything else on the 'Net or anything I could have ever hoped for. Thank you for offering us such a wonderful place to meet and grow - both us and our gardens."
-- dstartz, Alice, TX (Member since July 2003)

"Dave's Garden accounts for the largest portion of my internet time, enjoy the forums though I don't post much. So much garden information available!"
-- Edens_Gardener, Clay Center, KS (Member since November 2001)

"I really love this site and the poeple who visit it. They are like a second family. Thanks to the people who make this site available to us all. You are such a blessing!"
-- hgurule, Summerville, SC (Member since March 2005)

"Considering the fellowship with other gardeners, access to an incredible plants database, the wide variety of forums, and the great photographs, and the hands-on webmaster who cares personally about making this a great place and involves himself with us all...Well, $15 is a bargain for all that."
-- gardenwife, Newark, OH (Member since March 2001)

"I've always considered myself to be a good gardener, but Dave's has all ready increased my knowlege and skills. The polite, friendly people on board really make a difference!"
-- Liila, Lantana, FL (Member since January 2002)

"I love the site. I can't think of anything that gives me more pleasure than to come here to DG and chat with people and learn, oh so much."
-- DarrellR, Riverview, Canada (Member since March 2005)

"I was so impressed with the site I joined within five minutes of finding it. The journal, the forums- (I love the people here! There is so much warmth, knowledge and talented photography and writing! I believe Dave attracts good people here, and he and Terry keep on top of things so well to keep things that way."
-- oceangirl, Cape Cod, MA (Member since July 2004)

"It's just the best thing around."
-- Happenstance, San Francisco Bay Area, CA (Member since August 2003)

"I have learned SO MUCH it's not funny. My gardening books are 'extinct!'
ncgardenaddict, Kannapolis, NC (Member since July 2004)

"I still love, love, love DG. Like many others, DG is the only place I hang out on the Internet, where I feel safe, where people care about each other and deal fairly with each other. The variety of people from all over the world, the wealth of information, and the joyous sharing of knowledge ... it's downright delicious."
-- Janiejoy, Silver Lake, OH (Member since July 2001)

"This is a wonderful place full of good people, knowledge and information. It also offers encouragement in not only gardening, but in our daily lives. There's no other place like it on the web."
-- karrie20X, Spokane, WA (Member since November 2003)

"Good people. Good discussions. Good information. AND the only gardening I can do in the middle of the night and not even get my nails dirty!"
-- Zanymuse, Fortuna, CA (Member since March 2001)

"I love DG! I can't even begin to express what an impact it has had on my life - the friendships, the knowledge, the opportunities!"
-- langbr, Olathe, KS (Member since June 2003)

"I DO have "fuzzy feelings" about all the people on Dave's. GEEZ! They are from Canada and Europe, and Australia, and S. America! What an experience! World-wide advice at my fingertips! Yes I renewed and will continue to do so!"
-- GitaGal, Baltimore, MD (Member since July 2003)

"I love every feature and all the great people I have met here. My gardens are beautiful because of all the knowledge I have learned here and for all the seeds and plant trades I have done through this wonderful site"
-- SoCal, Huntington Beach, CA (Member since December 2000)

"Thank you for this web site, for all you wonderful people that know so much about gardening and love it as much as I do, and share all that you know. I am so grateful. God Bless!!!!"
-- vic, Rutherfordton, NC (Member since July 2001)

"This site is such a great place and I have enjoyed it so much. $15 is a bargain for the help and fun I have had here."
-- MaryE, Baker City, OR (Member since January 2001)

"I enjoy most the ability to 'talk' to strangers as though I'd known them for years, ask silly questions, learn from experts in so many different fields, get answers on anything from how to plant a daisy, turn on a computer or bake a cake."
-- balvenie, Marysville, WA (Member since February 2004)

"Dave's is the best site I have ever used and I was a web developer, although, probably not a good one because my head was always playing in the dirt."
-- HerbsWife, Allen, TX (Member since November 2004)

"While I'm impressed with all the features currently supported here on DG, it is magnified by timely and helpful responses from all of the admins."
-- flowerpot, St. Thomas, Canada (Member since August 2001)

"Wow ... there are several features I love. Thread watching. The member to member mail and the way it's archived. Trade tracker. Ability to search for my own and other's posts."
-- Nan, Soldiers Grove, WI (Member since April 2001)

"I love it, love it, love it."
-- sweezel, McKinney, TX (Member since March 2004)

"I'm very happy to have found Dave's Garden and all the kind folks willing to give advice."
-- Zeppy, Shenandoah Valley (Member since February 2005)

"As a Master Gardener I frequently speak with people on the joys of online gardening. I ususally point out casual differences in the sites, but ALWAYS tell them DG has a "family" feeling! It's good to be a small part of this group!"
-- Legit, Porterfield, WI (Member since January 2002)

"One big difference to me is that Dave's forms are more user friendly ... I found on G*****W** - it was harder to open pictures and they weren't as good in my opinion so I like Dave's better."
-- WillowWasp, Brazoria, TX (Member since July 2003)

"I love the caring, the expertise, and the funny folks here."
-- JenniferG, Shalimar, FL (Member since July 2003)

"A person can't beat the overall site ... It is truly a WINNER!"
-- BingsBell, SC, MT (Member since October 2002)

"I think this is the BEST garden web site going. So many talented people who share their knowledge just boggles my mind."
-- deann, Au Gres, MI (Member since March 2003)

"I love being able to "watch" threads, and I get a kick out of one being "bumped" from when before I joined. No matter what my question is, there is somewhere to go for advice."
-- patischell, Fort Pierce, FL (Member since September 2003)

"If the site were any better, I would be spending all my time here even when I need to be in the garden."
-- Yuska, San Antonio, TX (Member since October 2004)

"I have become quite addicted to this site so much to see and learn here ... like-minded people to share with. Thanks for being there Dave and Trish. I look forward to being a part of the 'family' on Dave's Garden."
-- Starzz, Newcastle, Canada (Member since June 2001)

"What I found immediately that I loved about Dave's, is that Dave is a real person! He posts, has a profile and a picture."
-- konkreteblond, Burleson, TX (Member since October 2004)

"Where else can you go for less than 4 1/2 cents per day and get the kind of information provided here at DG?"
-- paulgrow, Allen Park, MI (Member since April 2001)

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