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Holly Hill Nurseries

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1351
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18016 (United States)

Phone: (610) 297-0009
Fax: (509) 693-6382

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This company offers a variety of plants.

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Negative ncp
Ipswich, MA
(1 review)
September 21, 2017
I wish I had read these reviews before placing an order.
Now I know why I haven't received my plants or any communication about them--in spite of the emails and texts I sent to inquire about my order status.
I will never order from Holly Hill again.
Negative TammyW66
Safety Harbor, FL
(2 reviews)
April 20, 2017
I tried several times with Holly Hill Nurseries LLC, to correct the no product and no reply. I put a complaint in with paypay to get my money back. They all of a sudden deiced to answer they where waiting on the shipment from Florida to Pennsylvania. I was left with wondering why they would ship it from Florida to Pennsylvania then back to me in Florida. Still nothing 2 days before the time was up on the paypal complaint 2 plants show up with very similar leaves to the plant I wanted only to find out 5 days after that, that they where not the correct plants. I could not get money back and had 2 plants I did not want. Save your money DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.
Neutral mylittletrees
Corning, OH
(20 reviews)
July 13, 2015
Well I went against my better judgement and placed an order for 2 plants with this place. Seemed like good prices, but the one plant was pretty small. It looked like someone had cut the top out of it. The other was a nice size, but I suspect that it is an entirely different cultivar than what I ordered. It doesn't look like the photo, and it wasn't marked. Plus the invoice was slightly altered. I'm not trying to be picky, but when a person places an order for specific plants, that's what they expect to receive. It annoys me when people think a person won't know the difference. I'm trying to establish a certain collection, so I had a reason for wanting certain plants. It makes it really hard when plants aren't marked. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones since my plants DID arrive and they ARE ALIVE. Probably won't mess with this place again.
Negative CarolMcKenzie
Irvine, KY
(7 reviews)
June 16, 2015
Holly Hill is a mystery to me. I placed two small orders, received the plants (nice plants) and then placed a larger order in April...over $100.

Fast forward: no plants, and no response (save one from Bill Glose that he was "trying to provision" these plants for me.)

I asked for substitutions. No reply. I asked again. No reply. I asked for a refund. No reply.

Two months later I opened a dispute through PayPal. No reply from Mr. Glose. Finally, after stating I'd open a claim if I didn't get a refund, I received a reply that he'd refund my money by a specific date.

That didn't happen. He then stated that the "claim" was open (which it was not) and he now could not refund my money, and it was up to PayPal to take care of it. He would "help them along a little if possible."

I'm not sure what helping them along a little means, except that once again he's not giving me a refund. I suspect there is no money to refund at this point.

Thing is, his website still offers for sale the exact same plants I ordered. I call BS on his need to "provision" my plants, and think he's a just a scammer.

So I'm now awaiting PayPal's decision on this whole thing. Hopefully it turns into a refund, so I can order from a company who actually cares about their customers.
Negative PerleyX
Franklin, TN
(1 review)
May 20, 2015
Like other customers who have reviewed Holly Hill Nurseries, they will charge your credit card, then never send your order. After several attempts, I have had no response to my emails. When I called them, the man who answered said he would contact me. He lied.

All I want them to do is either send my order or refund my money. I don't expect them to do either. WARNING: DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM HOLLY HILL. THEY WILL CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD AND THEY WILL FAIL TO SEND YOUR ORDER.
Negative ROSES_R_RED
Mount Bethel, PA (Zone 6a)
(5 reviews)
May 27, 2014
Bought 2 Wine and Roses Weigela. After a while when I didn't receive anything or get an e mail with shipping info, I called the company and left a message. Never got a reply. Tried e mail and that didn't do any good. Went to Paypal and opened a "complaint". My money was then refunded. These people are a joke. They offer more plants than I have ever seen in one place. They send nothing.
Negative tailzzz24
Kutztown, PA
(4 reviews)
May 25, 2014
I ordered several plants and when I hadn't yet received them attempts to contact the seller were in vain. When attempts to reach the seller via phone led to 'mailbox full' messages, I filed a claim. I received a refund, but never again.
Negative hvacguynva
Chester, VA
(1 review)
December 8, 2013
I ordered 10 box woods ... all came with in two weeks no problems!
So, I ordered 2 Japanese maples dwarf and 10 Japanese forest grass and I have not recived these.. It has been about a month now .... I have sent several emails to holly hills and phone calls, but I just kept getting the run around. I have contacted my credit who gave me a refund ... I will also contact the B.B.B. on monday ... I would not.rrecommended holly hills to any one.
Positive cucurbit
Cincinnati, OH
(9 reviews)
August 4, 2013
I placed an order with Holly Hill Nurseries in Spring 2013 for five Running Serviceberry (Amelanchier stolonifera). This is a plant that is not easy to find for sale. If I remember correctly, the plants came in quart-sized containers. The plants were packed well and were actually a bit larger than I expected. The price was quite reasonable. All five plants are all doing well in my garden. I highly recommend this company and am likely to order from them again.
Negative bellagvs
Lawrence, KS
(1 review)
June 8, 2013
After ordering plants in January it seems my order was forgotten. I finally received plants after contacting the vendor several times and they were the wrong species. I packed and returned them, and was promised a refund on the shipping and the plants themselves. The vendor HAD A SPECIAL SALE ON THE PLANTS I SENT BACK THE DAY AFTER HE RECEIVED THEM but I have not received any money back and he has stopped all communications with me. Horrible customer service!
Negative lilithwantsu
Fairlawn, VA
(1 review)
June 8, 2013
On January 20 I ordered a flat of jasmine nudiflorum for my wife's birthday. What I received was jasmine floridum. After arguing with Bill Glose that he did, indeed, send the wrong product he asked us to return the jasmine floridum and he would reimburse us for both the return shipping and the original order (provided he could not send us the jasmine nudiflorum). Now I have no jasmine and no refund and Bill Glose has stopped communicating with us.
Negative claraa1
(1 review)
May 8, 2013
I'm at the end of my rope. I have done business with Bill for many years and in the earlier years it was great. The last couple years I have continued to order and I'm not sure why. I guess because he offers quality plants at good prices, but not anymore! I pre-ordered (never, never, never do this) over $500 in plants in January with the understanding I would have a mid April delivery. Still no plants. I have people waiting on some of them and it is making me look like a complete idiot. Bill keeps promising plants - still, no plants. I told him as of Friday I file a Paypal complaint for the return of my money as well as a call to the Pennsylvania BBB. Enough is enough.
Positive wyldeflwr
Laurel, MD (Zone 7a)
(15 reviews)
March 25, 2013
I ordered plants from Holly Hills through a sale on Etsy and the prices were much less that what I had seen elsewhere. The arrived today and were much larger than what I was expecting. They were well packed so there was no shifting of the plants and each was enclosed in plastic bag secured with a rubber band to prevent loss of moisture. I will be back. I am really pleased with my experience. These are plants I wanted at a price I felt was an excellent deal and prompt shipment.
Negative Ken Morgen
Cockeysville, MD
(1 review)
January 10, 2013
I purchased the "last 4 leucothoe axillaris" in inventory at a discount on 12/15. I paid after receiving an invoice from Bill Glose via Paypal. Week after week passed with no plants, but frequent email exchanges in which Mr. Glose said they were being shipped "next week." Finally, I wrote yet again...probably the 10th time, asking for tracking information and was told that his "suppliers misrepresented their inventory" and that he was refunding my money, which he did. However, his web site is still showing leucothoe for sale! Beware this unscrupulous businessman. Obviously, a contract means nothing to him. Even though he refunded my money, I am not satisfied as I want the plants at the price we agreed upon, not the money.
Negative Alley5859
Ojo Amarillo, NM
(1 review)
October 30, 2012
We purchsed a few flats of shrubs, but part of our order was not delivered. a 10 pack of bare root trees..
I have emailed them with no response. I have tried calling, but their voicemail is full.
I have sked for the plants or for my credit card to be credited. It is that simple. I was hoping to have found a company that I could purchase from in the future. No such luck. Don't think I will do this again.
Positive john_hosie
Gaithersburg, MD (Zone 6b)
(2 reviews)
September 6, 2012
I have been purchasing products from Holly Hill for years. I have literally purchased hundreds of trees and shrubs from them. They have always been reasonably priced. In all that time, there have been two problems (one early in my history and another later) and both of those were quickly resolved without question. The only thing I'd want to mention is that you should know what you're looking for. Many times the trees or shrubs are fairly small. However, his product listings always show the pot size, and the price should be a dead giveaway on the size of plants. Prices are often so low I almost can't believe it. But you get what you pay for - and when I order something cheap, I expect it may be small.

I am using the products purchased from Holly Hill to train for Bonsai - mostly Japanese Maples, boxwood, Japanese dwarf holly, and conifers. But I've also purchased some flowering plants and shrubs. I've found that shaping bonsai from the time they are small is much less labor-intensive and far less threatening to the life of the tree. So Holly Hill and I have connected many times.
Negative tompedz
Salem, AR
(2 reviews)
September 2, 2012
only got four of nine plants and what I got were sick, still waiting for a refund
Negative dennyboy34
Yonkers, NY
(14 reviews)
April 5, 2012
Placed an order. No order confirmation. Had to send an email to get the order sent. My order was for a specimen cherry tree for my front yard - they sent a twisted stick - a very poor excuse for a tree - I am embarrased to plant it even in my backyard. Do yourself a favor, read the other reviews and find yourself another on-line nursery....there are plenty. Don't use Holly Hill.
Negative annbrick
Findlay, OH
(1 review)
January 9, 2012
Posted on May 23, 2011, updated January 9, 2012
We ordered plants in Jan, 2011 from Holly Hill Nurseries. Bill Glose asked for Paypal payment at that time, and I did that. On March 21 I received a message that they scheduled our shipment by early April. Nothing. I wrote again on April 28 and heard 2 days later they were still waiting on plants and would process the following week. Nothing. I wrote on May 3 and received this on May 7, "I will get what I have here out to you on Monday morning. Best regards, Bill Glose".

Two weeks have come and gone. Since then we have not received plants, refund, or any communication whatsoever. When I call, the phone goes dead. It tears me up to write this, but I am at my wits end. We really just want the plants we paid for over four months ago. Is that too much to ask? What else can we do? We have never had any problem with any online or mail order company, and we order from a lot of places. I really do not understand what happened here. BEWARE.

On January 9th, 2012, annbrick added the following:

After many attempts toward getting our refund, I finally contacted the Bethlehem Better Business Bureau in November. On 12/31/2011, the refund arrived, I'm sure thanks to the BBB. At least we did get our money back.
Negative pipe
(1 review)
September 9, 2011
I've done purchases from Holly hill before. Communication is non-existent. Shipments can be short. This last time I paid and am still waiting, and waiting. I've given up. No responses received. Filed a credit card dispute. Lost confidence. Won't do business with Bill Glose again.
Negative audreymarmot
United States (Zone 7a)
(6 reviews)
May 18, 2010
At first I was very happy with their low prices (plus free shipping on orders over $100), and when my first plants arrived in March they were healthy and well-rooted, even if they were small. But my order was incomplete, and there wasn't even an invoice to let me know I was missing from my order, let alone when they might arrive. I went several rounds with the owner, Bill, to track down what was missing. A few things trickled in here and there, but now, in May, TWO MONTHS LATER, still 5 of the plants were missing, with no word from Bill about when they might arrive.
Finally, after a dozen email exchanges, he told me they'd had a crop failure and would return the money for those plants. Fair enough. But would he ever have emailed me to return the money had I not pursued it repeatedly? I'm not sure.
I love the prices and the daily specials, which do ship very quickly, since it seems they are purging extras from the warehouse. But I was very disappointed in the communication. A nursery should let you know when back-ordered items will become available and ship, and they should not leave you hanging for months without word if they cannot fulfill your order.
I am sorry to say I cannot recommend this company, and I've had to send fellow gardeners who admired my Palibin lilac, for example, to Forest Farm or some other company that I trust will treat them right.

Positive egardens
Hutto, TX
(9 reviews)
April 26, 2010
Please note that they sell small starter plants at reasonable prices especially when they run a sale or also in bulk. I ordered last fall while bushes were dormant. This Spring they sprouted great and are leafing out full and healthy. I have to say these are the best performers out of the dormant plants I ordered last Fall from several suppliers.
Positive stormyla
Norristown, PA (Zone 6b)
(25 reviews)
October 12, 2009
I have purchased many plants from Holly Hill over the past 4 years. Initially these purchases were all done on Ebay. The owner, Bill Glose regularly sends emails to former customers offering special sales. I have purchased many perennials and shrubs at extremely attractive prices from these sales.

The communications with the company are excellent. The plants, though mostly seedlings, are extremely vigorous and grow quickly. The plants are well packed and quickly shipped. This is a great nursery to try many new plants without spending a ton of money. I gave away quite a few shrubs from this nursery at our last regional swap and everyone has been very pleased with them.
Positive lender
Saint Paul, MN
(2 reviews)
June 19, 2009
I took a chance on this eBay-only store and was pleasantly surprised. I ordered small 2.5-inch potted sycamore, witch hazel, and summersweet (Clethra) plants on May 26th and received them June 18th. They were well-packed in a box with enough filler to keep them from moving around -- a challenge since the sycamore was almost 3 feet high! -- and with the pots wrapped tightly in plastic bags to retain the soil and moisture. Shipping was only $7.70. Plants green and healthy. Based on this experience I would definitely order again.
Positive Redtootsiepop
Livermore, CA (Zone 9b)
(4 reviews)
January 31, 2009
I ordered quite a few plants from Holly Hill on ebay as well. I'm very happy with the plants, they were packaged extremely well for shipping. Also, the prices are great and the shipping costs are totally reasonable. Am ordering more!
Positive kittenzzz
Canada, KY
(2 reviews)
April 4, 2007
Holly Hills Nurseries listed a lot of sale plants on eBay last summer. I ordered several kalmias and a forsythia. They were beautifully packaged and arrived very promptly. The plants are very small but they are also very inexpensive compared to many other nurseries' plants. Unfortunately some of the little laurels did not make it through the winter. I informed Holly Hills that some of my plants had not survived, and they immediately (on a Sunday yet!) replied to my email and asked me to let them know which ones did not survive so that they could send replacements! I was astonished by the prompt reply. I sent an email listing the casualties and I also ordered some new plants. They informed me right away that some of the plants I ordered were not in stock, and I received my magnolia and my replacement kalmiaswithin a week! I am VERY pleased with the service and the plants I have received from this company and I will DEFINITELY order from them again!
On April 4th, 2007, kittenzzz added the following:

The replacement plants were just as well packaged as the original order, well wrapped to preserve moisture to the roots, and healthy.

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