Chronic Dry Lips

Brookeville, MD(Zone 7a)

All my life I've suffered from dry lips and I think I've tried everything but I'm open to suggestions, maybe there's something I haven't tried yet. (Probably not!)

I've tried exfoliating, Chapstick, Bonnebell, other chapsticks, Burtsbees, shea butter, cocoa butter, sun screen, vitamin e, glycerin, hand, foot, body, face lotions, cold cream, oils, squalene (from olive oil, not sharks!), clay, mud, heat, massage, fresh aloe, milk, I drink plenty of water.

My mom told me that I lick my lips a lot but I've been trying really hard and I don't think I do it any longer.

My lips are like this in high humidity, low humidity, cold, hot, sunny or not. Didn't mean to rhyme!

The only time my lips weren't dry, oddly enough, was when I was in Israel for two weeks. Not great humidity.

Any ideas?

Sioux City, IA(Zone 4b)

CaptaMicha, Goodness, I think you have tired it all! Odd that you did not have problems for two weeks in Israel but maybe you were so engrossed with your surroundings that you were not licking your lips? I think licking the lips may be the problem. If you can find a way to dirvert yourself whenever you have the urge to lick maybe you can "lick" this habit (no rhyme just pun!). Thats all I got for ya!

Brookeville, MD(Zone 7a)

LOL! Thanks. :( I think I lick them when I get nervous. But that wouldn't explain the rest of the time... When I don't notice it.

Sioux City, IA(Zone 4b)

Maybe taking vitamins regularly? By the way (should have thought of this earlier), I take biotin for skin and nails. I was having problems with my nails for almost two years and read about biotin. I noticed improvement after 30 days and nails were almost back to normal after 60. I still take it once a day. It is good for skin so maybe it might help you? I have used the 1500 mcg, it also comes in 3000 & 5000.

Albuquerque, NM(Zone 7a)

New Mexico is very dry and the only thing that has helped with chapped lips for me is Bag Balm which is available in the drug store. Sounds weird but the pharmacist recommended it and it works for me. Also helps with those dry, cracked heels that appear in winter.


Brookeville, MD(Zone 7a)

Bag Balm? Never heard about it.

I forgot to mention that I also used Dr Dann's cortizone lip balm.

I use a multi vitamin, Once A Day womens. I take so many pills I really don't want to take more. The pills don't help with the dryness. I need to use Restasis for my eyes for tear production but my lips have been chapped even before I was taking daily meds.

Want to hear something crazy? I used to do bird feeding and had to stick my hands in kitten food to grab the bits of soft kibble. My nails had never been so strong. It was all the protein. Really worked wonders!

Sioux City, IA(Zone 4b)

I'm used to feed kitten food to birds???

Lilesville, NC(Zone 7b)


Have you tried Vaseline Lip Therapy...i used that all the time, put it on through out the day and right before i fall asleep... I love it...I lick my lips alot and this does help

Hope it helps...I also included a pic to help find can find it at most stores, i buy mine at walmart for .99 cents


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Saint Louis, MO

My son had the same problem until he tried Aquafor. He hasn't had chapped lips since! He also had frost bite on the back of his hands and the skin was damaged - always looked cracked and felt like sand paper. I put Aquafor on his hands for a few weeks and the skin returned to a normal look and feel. It had looked that way for 2 1/2 years before we tried Auqafor. I love this stuff!!!

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7b)

My wife works at a company called Forever Living Products in Scottsdale, Arizona. They have a product called Aloe Lips that is phenomenal. It's made primarily of Aloe Vera. The company is an MLM, but you can still go on the website and purchase the product as a retail customer. There website is

Wharton, TX(Zone 9a)

I LOVE Blistex Medicated lip ointment. It comes in a small squeeze tube. Nothing else works for me except that.

Houston, TX

Yay... someone who has my same problem... although I never lick my lips. I learned a long time ago to apply natural things constantly, stop rubbing my lips together & leave them alone... but still... chronic burning lips. About a month ago I tried this brand of lip gloss... It's called Glossi Glaze. It's at Coastal Scents I think they have it in a clear form... it's the pure base at the bottom of the page... it's totally clear & not shiny & it's not real glossy actually but that is what they call it. It reminds me of lip moisturizing balm really, not gloss. You have to buy 4 oz for 14.95... but I bet Kathy, the owner, would send you a sample. It works wonders! First time EVER that anything has worked for me in my life. Anyway... I didn't like the pot it came in so I microwaved it a little & poured it in an empty lip balm tube. Oh it's so great. Kathy of Coastal Scents credits the castor oil in her formula. That's when I went back & looked at all the products I ever tried for chapped lips & realized none of them have pure castor oil or they don't have much in there. So... I bought some castor oil on eBay. I put just that on my lips. Viola! Kathy's right. It's the castor oil. It's marvelous! So now I've mixed shea butter with castor oil, beeswax & peppermint oil (experimented to get it right consistency when it cools) & poured that into empty lip balm tubes. Oh man... I love it! I never thought I could solve this problem, but I'm hooked now. I sure hope it solves your problem. You could melt down the clear base she sells & pour it in lip balm tubes. They sell empty lip balm tubes on eBay. Four for 2.99 was one I saw yesterday. I have my own makeup company & gloss too but her's beats mine all over the place so I'm considering a new formula. She deserves a lot of credit if she can get my lips to stop burning all the time. Still... don't let the word "gloss" fool you... it's not very shiny or greasy or soft.

Alamogordo, NM(Zone 7b)

Like June I love Bag Balm! I found out about it 20 years ago as a quilter. It helps to heal needle pricks on your fingers. It is called Bag Balm because it was made for putting on cows! It sells for a higher cost in the small containers in quilt shops, so I got mine at a vet supply house. It is a large container and I have used it on every skin related thing for several years. I put it on my lips at bedtime. When the heater is coming on in the winter is when I get chapped lips, so then I use it several times during the day. I love it!

freehold, United States

Hey CaptaMicha... I had the dry lips problem but not to the extent you do. This is what I did and it might help you. I used vaseline for my lips 3 times a day, right after i woke up, sometime in the middle of the day and right before going to sleep. After a few days my lips got better and sicnce then, I follow the routine everyday so my lips dont get dry in the first place. I hope this helps.

Rosebud Salve is also great.

Sugar Land, TX(Zone 9a)

I've suffered the same problem since I was a child. I lick my lips, they get chapped and I either bite or pick at them. It's a nervous tick, like biting your nails. I even bite them in my sleep. Problem is, it's such a habit that I do it all the time without realizing it. I also have Sjogren's syndrome which is a moisture body doesn't produce it's tenfold. I've tried every product out there (except the Bag Balm.....that's a new one to me). Thanks, June...I'll try it.

Albuquerque, NM(Zone 7a)

Cactus -- Right now we are having extremely low humidity here, down to about 10%.
In New Mexico this is called "lip cracking weather" as you know. Thank goodness
for Bag Balm! And for some reason, working in the yard leaves me with dry heels.
It's great for those too.

Alamogordo, NM(Zone 7b)

June, very dry here too. Fires up in the Sacramentos as I am sure you have heard. We went down to Oro Grande last weekend. I have taken some wonderful wildflower and cactus photos there in past springs. It is all dried up now, not blooms and many of the cactus are either skinny and red or dried and blowing away. We sure need a nice rainstorm!

Sacramento, CA

I've had the same problem for years. I think some prescription medications can contribute to the problem, but dry lips may be a better alternative to whatever problem the medicine fixes!

I've had the most luck with Zim's Crack Creme lip balm, an herbal product which comes in a soft, bright-yellow squeeze tube. I have them stashed everywhere.

Zim's has great herbal products, despite the strange "crack creme" name. I use their "Liquid Skin Care" religiously. Comes in a small spray bottle and is used to heal cracked and damaged skin on your heels and elbows. It is the best thing going for dry feet and hands too, and I use it on cuts and scrapes - seems to help things heal faster and with less scarring.

Alamogordo, NM(Zone 7b)

Besides using the Bag Balm I love Burt's Bees lip balm too!

PERTH, Australia

I've had dry lips all my life. Of all the lip balms, etc that I've ever tried, Bepanthen cream (not ointment) has been far and away the best I've ever used. I don't know if it's sold in the US, but you can buy it in the baby care section of both supermarkets or pharmacies. It's primarily for nappy rash. It's about $8AU for a tube that lasts me about 12 months. Desert island stuff.

springfield area, MO(Zone 5b)

I have noticed that sometimes if I have a cold I tend to breathe through my mouth especially when I sleep and that dries out my lips badly.

Also, have you considered that toothpaste, mouthwash, make up, or ?
may be irritating your lips causing them to peel?
I can't use mouthwash for example because it gives me blisters in my mouth. It took a while for me to put the two together and realize that was what was doing it.

SE Arky, United States(Zone 8a)

YES, whiteners in toothpaste will cause chapped lips. I'm pretty much compulsive about brushing my teeth but since I learned about the whiteners, I don't use the whitening toothpaste every time I brush. I use the whitening tooth paste, really good before bed & in the am, then I use one without during the day. Fluoride will also cause chapped lips & almost impossible to find toothpaste without it...

Brooklyn, NY

I actually went thru the same problem but I noticed that when I put egg yolk on my face I also applied it to my lips let it dry then washed off with warm water only and it helped my lips a lot. It will dry hard on your face make yu feel like ur getting a face lift but it works great

Portage, MI(Zone 5b)

Are you intaking sufficient omega oils?

Several years ago I had the good fortune to attend a series of talks about healthy eating given by a health coach. His breakfast recommendation was: whole grain cereal with a tablespoon of sliced almonds, topped by soy milk into which you have stirred a spoonful of Essential Woman. He said something about how the women in the audience would notice stronger nails and healthier hair, and he was right. Prior to adopting his breakfast regimen, my nails were dry and brittle, but not anymore.

I buy Essential Woman in the refrigerator at the health-foods store, and keep it chilled until I can put it in my fridge at home. It has some components which settle to the bottom, so I use a bread knife (thin enough to go into the hole of the bottle and long enough to hit the bottom of the bottle) to stir it all up, then I transfer to a wide-mouth jar. Then, every morning, we stir it up well before putting the spoonful into the Silk soy milk which goes on the cereal. [My husband and I both follow this regimen, and we also take fish oil pills.]

We buy vanilla Silk milk at Sam's Club for my husband; it's like vanilla pudding, like dessert! Yummy! For my cereal, I spend the extra money to buy unsweetened Silk milk at the grocery store, because I have elevated blood glucose levels; it is not as sweet but I like it nevertheless. For cereal, we think soy milk tastes better than "cow milk". For drinking, we still like cow milk.

I am "of a certain age", and my skin is much drier than when I was younger, so I am careful not to skip the Essential Woman during the months of November thru March. It helps my dry skin.

You could also try using a straw when you drink water, by the way. Might help.

My favorite lip-care product is: Blistex Complete Moisture. Be sure you use one with sunscreen.

Good luck.

Beverly Hills, CA

Best thing EVER for dry lips is Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.. I love it so much, it's the only thing that has ever worked for me...

Sydney, Australia

You may not drink enough during the day, thus your lips become dry. Make sure that you drink plenty of fluids, especially water, throughout the day. Note also the toothpaste you are using because many types of toothpaste have the ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate, which is known for drying out skin and even causing skin irritation. In some cases, it can even cause perioral dermatitis, which is dermatitis of the lips and mouth. If your toothpaste is causing this problem to you, stop using it and look for toothpaste that is sodium lauryl sulfate free.

Virginia Beach, VA

I just saw this thread and i do suffer from dry lips quite often especially during summer when i am too busy outside and does not tale time to drink water.

At night I apply a thin coat of antibiotic cream like bacitracin or neosporin ointments.
i buy it at the dollar store and this truly is big help.
I also use lip balm.


Sydney, Australia

Hi Belle, Our lips need a protection to keep in form. A balm offers a safeguard between your delicate skin and the weather or indoor heating, so never let your lips go uncovered. Also look for lip balm with SPF so your lips stay protected against the sun.

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