SOLVED: The Hottest Pink on Earth

Mountainburg, AR

This bush pops up on the edge of our tree line every year and makes these beautiful flowers all summer long. The photos don't help to show the scale, but someone might recognize them right away. Sorry I don't show much of the leaves/greenery.

I'm always afraid I'm going to accidentally kill the plant when I clean up every Spring, but I've gotten lucky so far.

Thumbnail by Arkansmith Thumbnail by Arkansmith Thumbnail by Arkansmith
Castro Valley, CA

Looks like a Mirabilis jalapa.

How cold is it in Mountainburg, AR? This plant forms a huge underground tuber which is impossible to dig all the way out. It also is a prolific reseeder. So I am just shocked your yard is not covered in them. They are so pretty but so horrible in the wrong climate. Invaders! Once you have them, you have them forever.

Even Walmart sells them! LOL

Mountainburg, AR

Wow! Thanks. You are brilliant. That has to be it. Planted, no doubt, by a previous owner of the property. Mine isnít taking over anything. But the hill it is on is steep and wooded, and I mow on the unwooded side of it, so it probably doesnít get much opportunity.

Itís mild in winter here. Some 20 degree nights in the winter, but mostly in the mid 30s at night.

Thanks again.

Castro Valley, CA

Yes, I am brilliant. I wish my husband realized it. LOL

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