SOLVED: New Here! Is This a Boston Fern?

Cut Bank, MT

I recently rescued this dying fern from my grocery store and watching him come to life and grow has really made me fall in love with plants.

I know very little about plants though. A basic picture of a Boston fern makes me think yup that's definitely what that is. But, I see that there are many varieties that look alike and I don't have the skills to identify any plants yet.

Does this look like a Boston to you? If not, what is it? Thanks!

Oh! Also, I see that most Bostons are hanging plants (which this one came as, until I just repotted it into a bigger planter). Does mine need to hang?

Thumbnail by Arkaidy Thumbnail by Arkaidy
Groveland, FL

It is a Boston fern. They don't need to hang.

Cut Bank, MT

Quote from nel5397 :
It is a Boston fern. They don't need to hang.

Thank you so much! Now I can figure out how to care for it even better :-)

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