SOLVED: Can someone help me identify this plant

Milton, DE

It has dusty grey leaves that appear to be covered with short white hairs, but the surface of the leaf is slick, no hair, it is a mottling in the leaf appearing to be hair, but , no it is a webbing because you can press hard and wipe it off.

Thumbnail by pepgrehou Thumbnail by pepgrehou
San Francisco, CA

I can get you to the genus: Senecio

(Zone 9b)

Maybe Caputia medley-woodii which seems to have variable leaves, some with teeth.

I was totally wrong thinking it was a kalanchoe. I think Vestia is right.

Milton, DE

Thank you all for your help, it sure does look like Senecio medley woodii. However most articles on that suggest there are slight notches in leaf edge. My leaves are completely smooth edged. Also the leaves on the plant are 90 degree from the stems. Senecio medley woodii has the angle of the leaves slightly upward.

(Zone 9b)

Yes, I did see the teeth on some of the leaves though some have none. Seems to be variable. Though in looking at your photos, yours too has some leaves with teeth too.

Here is a photo with both kinds of leaves.

Milton, DE

I wish to thank everyone for their help, I believe you have nailed it

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