Brotherhood of Manly Cats...........2016

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Brudders..............where haz everbuddy bin??? My brudder Pippie haz bin at da Bridge fer a yeer anna haf..............Kin we get some konversashun goin' agin? I hope dat dere iz ennuf uf us brudders left to HAVE a konversashun!

Dis be of da barn kats, but I iz a gennelmun kat. I tink I haz posted heer before, but Mummy iz puttin' up a pikshure of me so's yew no who I iz.

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Himrod, NY(Zone 6a)

Mornin Gus, I not sure if I ever visited here befores but I am having moms put a picture of me and my brudder up.

I is de handsome one wif de long gray hairs and big blue eyes. My brother Scotch looks like a butterscotch candy. He's from de Virgin Eyelands and comed here to lives with us back in 2010 when his moms and dads moved back heres to de USA.

Now lets sees if moms can find de pictures! ha fats chance of her doin that.

Snort. . . . she goofed and hits send instead of de picture. Whad I tell yous.

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Himrod, NY(Zone 6a)

Ha! Moms said I forgets to tell you my name. Well, whose doing the typing anyways.

My name is Camou, short for Camouflage cause I hides real well in the bushes. I cames to live here, when I was only abouts 6 weeks old, on de 4th of July in 2008. Moms says I am getting older sos I should act my age. What!! I's still a kidden, she don't know much but I loves her and loves to put my arms around her neck specially when she is trying to go to sleeps.

Lyndonville, NY

Hello guz.....It is me Huck. I was a long timer here.

I haz been in mournin since I lost my dear love Souky Meezer a few months ago
and yooman mom has been ill for some months. SO she is slackin on the writing.

We lost our dear brudder Franky last September to the Bridge. But me, Dexter and Axl are stills here.....and the two girls Lexi & Daisy May.

Nice to hear from the brudders again

Huck Dex Axl

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