Wet Feet

Lyndonville, NY

Some of you know me from my "giant Shih-tzu" Isabelle and her problems. She passed about 2 years ago and I adopted Sammy last year.

Although we do not know much of his history, he was a street dog, in Puerto Rico and a shelter took him in there. He was transferred here for adoption and we have had him a year and half now. Besides our language issues...we had to learn a lot. He is a work in progress.

Well, I need help. He has not had any bathroom problems at all, pretty much trained from day one. But last week I took him to get groomed his "chewbacca feet" trimmed down and pantaloons. He started going poop in the house shortly after!!!

This dog...I found out his problem I think.
The grass is wet now in the morning, and he hates wet...water...anything like
that on his feet. He goes out, and will pee along the garage or side of driveway
where it is stone, and not walk on the grass where is wet at all. Comes in....and
messes. He did it to me yesterday and DH today. So....

Has anyone had any success using dog booties or such to keep the feet dry? Do you think this is an option?

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Belleville , IL(Zone 6b)

Don't know about them personally.My veterinarian uses boots on her dogs in the winter to protect her dogs feet. I think it was a brand called muttlucks. Or the phonetic spelling.There are some pretty funny videos in youtube showing dogs wearing footwear for the first time.It must take a while for them to get used to them.

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