Hi everyone, Were Baaaccckkk! ! !

San Antonio, TX(Zone 8a)

We have so missed you all.

Phoebe is doing great since her surgery but still has moments where she over does it and then start limping again
Baxter has put on way too many pounds but we are working on that.
I haven't been able to post here as my subscription expired and $'s been tight, had to buy meds instead of subscriptions. Daves just paid it for me and I am so grateful as now I can share with you all again.
Good to be back with the gang.

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Moore, OK

It's been a while since I have had time to catch up on all the "Dave's buzz". It was a crazy busy Fall and Winter - my busiest year ever! After a Summer full of orders, I began coordination in August on a huge wedding the first of October and have been flooded with orders ever since. Good for me, but it's nice to slow down a bit.

So glad Phoebe did OK with her surgery. It's hard to keep 'em down to give them time to heal. Our last Cairn severely broke his toe and it was a chore just keeping the splint on. He went crazy with a head cone so we couldn't use it much. I spent LOTS of time holding him so he would leave his foot alone. All healed and he was good as new in no time, though.

Hunter and Locket were up all night and are nervous wrecks today since there were 20 earthquakes last night in Oklahoma! We are quite a ways South and only had slight tremors but they felt every one. Here in Moore we have our share of tornado's and now the earthquakes are getting pretty close, too. There has only been 1 large magnitute one here. Whew! I think that I'll take the tornado's over the earthquakes any day.

I gotcha' about being short on $'s. I am soooo glad that my picture of Hunter won the Pet section of the Dave's calendar photo contest or I am afraid that I wouldn't be a Dave's member anymore, either. We are looking at retirement soon and are discussing how to manage expenses when the time comes. I haven't received my calendar yet and have contacted Dave's but I haven't received a reply. My Grandkids are anxious to get the new calendar on the wall and I am, too. I sure hope it wasn't lost in the mail. :-(

Hunter, Locket and I are super ready for Spring! We hate being cooped up inside. We take advantage of every sunny day to bundle up and go out for some ball play but Mommy doesn't do the cold very well. LOL I heard this morning that we have snow and ice coming again this weekend. Yukky!!! I moved breakables so that we can play ball down the hallway but it is just not the same. Both fur babies perk up and look at me with pleading eyes every time I walk by the drawer where the balls are kept. :-)

I have been taking both of the babies to the potting shed with me but it is already crowded in there and Locket is full grown at 45 lbs. They don't like to stay in there too long. I am not keeping it warm enough for seed starting this year since we put a pencil to it and found that it was REALLY expensive to keep the heater and grow light going all Winter. I have plants in there to overwinter at 40-45 degrees and the ones that need more warmth are indoors. My tomato, pepper, and basil seedlings are in plastic bottle greenhouses and are in every single South windowsill. The tomatoes are about 2-3 inches tall already. The sweet potatoes are in water to grow slips for Summer planting, too. The bean sprouts and shoots for salads and smoothies are going crazy since it has been a fairly sunny Winter so far. I am excited about finding an organic nurseryr nearby last year so we can pick up a few extra plants that we won't be starting from seed. Great prices, too!

I decided to try my hand this Winter at growing a tomato, and cucumber indoors in a DIY self-watering grow bucket. Unbelievable! The tomato is getting huge and I am considering lopping the top to see if I can get it bushier. There is a little cluster of blooms that I am keeping a close eye on. The cucumber is growing up a bamboo pole and there are 6 tiny cucumbers so far. We will see if anything fully matures but if not it has been fun to try.

I guess I better get to work. I only have one order for this weekend but it is a big baby shower cake and I have a lot of fondant accents to prepare. I also have to make a quick trip for groceries today before the ice and snow gets here. I will get some pics posted ASAP of my grow buckets, seedlings and, of course, the fur babies. :-) Hugs and kisses to Phoebe and Baxter. Cute, cute, cute!!!

Moore, OK

Hey, Gourdbeader, here are the pics I promised. The one of Hunter and Locket was taken this Summer on the new rock pathway that I installed from the house to the potting shed. The others are of my grow buckets and seedlings.

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Moore, OK

OK, I had to post this one, too. The babies LOVE sleeping in the sun and I happened upon them asleep "nose to nose" one afternoon. They are really close buddies.

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Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

That is so precious!

Moore, OK

Just heard about the fire and I feel so petty asking about my calendar. Let's hope she will heal and be good as new soon. The calendars can sooo wait! Praying for her right now!!!

San Antonio, TX(Zone 8a)

What wonderful pics and I so loved reading your post. My kids are getting really tired of all the rain and cold weather too but it could be worse. We had a few days of icy roads but Portland really got the brunt of it all. Being closer to the coast we don't get as much.
I too am so ready for spring. I know, I know, seems like we are never happy with the current weather conditions but I love being able to get out and work outside even though I have a gazillion projects to work on inside. I'm a California girl by nature but have lived in Oregon for years. Here are a couple of current pics of the kids and Dad relaxing. and I just have to share this. My dear sweet hubby did something yesterday that if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it. I haven't been feeling great lately and he has been doing lots of little
extra things to help me out. This was the topper. He ironed our cloth napkins. We always use cloth napkins and some of them have to be ironed. He is such a sweetie pie. Love this Man and these kids

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Moore, OK

I don't believe my eyes! Ironing!! Just kidding....my hubby is very helpful around the house, too. Guess we are a couple of lucky gals. ;-)

We dodged an icy bullet over the weekend. We got an inch or so of snow but the ice and sleet stayed North and West of us. I actually opened the hoop frame and picked 2 big bags of greens. They are sooo sweet when the weather is cold. The babies LOVED getting out into the sun while I snooped around the garden but now they both need baths.

Here are a few more pics. One shows our entire bunch on vacation, minus the fur babies. They stayed at a doggy day care that they love so they had a vacation, too. I had to include a few pics of the Grandkids as well. They are such a joy and we get to spend a lot of time with them even though they are an hour away. The girls have helped me in the garden ever since they were old enough and now they have Mommy gardening, too. All three will get to help this Summer. Their favorite thing is getting dirty treasure hunting for potatoes. Since I am an organic gardener, they love picking strawberries and cherry tomatoes and popping them into their mouth right in the garden. I hardly ever have any left when they help me pick.:-)

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San Antonio, TX(Zone 8a)

I mainly grow strawberries and green beans, zucchini and herbs, sometimes tomatoes if we get enough sun. I have to battle Phoebe for the strawberries though. She know just when to grab them off the vines. She loves them.

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Moore, OK

Wow, that is a nice strawberry. Mine are never that big. What kind is it? My plan this Summer is to plant a vertical strawberry garden in a recycled (food safe) pallet. We will see how that works. The kids call my garden/yard the "Old Lady" yard since every nook and cranny is planted with something. They tease me but are more than happy to accept fresh produce from me. ;-) Can you plant okra? That is one of our favorites.

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