Help! we moved....

North Augusta, ON

We moved 1.5 months ago. All of our cats have adapted well to the change, except Lucky.

Lucky was a very friendly, outgoing cat...we called him our 4th dog...he was always right in the mix of things.

Since the move he has not adjusted to his new surroundings. He refuses to leave the kitchen counter. I have to put a litter box on the kitchen floor directly beneath where he lays or he will do his business on the counter. A cat on the counter poses some health issues. Makes cooking difficult. The litter box has to be taken off the floor during the day because we also have 3 dogs. Right now we have barricaded the kitchen so the litter can remain on the floor...bit it is turning our happy new home into unhappy hell.

We did a lot of research when we knew we were going to move and followed all of the advice re moving with pets.

I miss the old Lucky...he would even fetch a small ball and bring it back. Now, he just spends all of his time on the kitchen counter.

Help me get him back....

Lee Anne

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waukesha, WI(Zone 5a)

Are any of his old blankets toys or familiar things available? It takes some cats a long time to adjust to a new home. I feel bad for him, but it surely must be wearing on you. Have you taken him to the vet to make sure there isn't something else going on?? Does he allow you to pick him up? Can you hold him and walk around the new rooms to let him see it is safe? I wish I had more to offer,but you do need to make sure he doesn't have physical issues so a vet visit is important.

Lyndonville, NY

I agree with Meezer, a blanket with his favorite blanket or a towel. Maybe up in a quiet place where he can come out and check it out at his leisure. nip. Helps the relax a bit
in a stressful place.

We got some stuff by Natures Miracle, it is a cat destressor. ALso there are the colars by Feliaway.....and the plug ins by Feliway also. It helps a lot with anxiety, and we used it
when we had some stress here at home.

Good luck,

North Augusta, ON

Well, we got to thinking about it. At the old house Lucky always spent the day sleeping on my computer desk and at night he came to bed with me and the dogs.

At the new house we've been keeping our bedroom door shut because the dogs can get off the bed and also because Moms bedroom door is right across the hall from ours. The first couple of nights we heard him meow at the door then go away, I also remember hearing a couple of fights. I think he was being picked on.

I think he slept with me because he felt safe because the dogs wouldn't let any other cats on the bed.

Now, we keep his litter and food/water in our bedroom, door closed. He scratches on the door when he needs to eat/pee, etc and we just get up and let him in there (it's like 10 feet away, not a big deal) then he scratches on the door when he's ready to come out. We also take him to bed with us at night...just say bedtime and he runs right in there with the dogs. He's quite happy sleeping with us all night with the door closed. We've got our cat back. He spends his days sleeping on the back of the sofa between Hubby and me, and following us around with the dogs.

I guess he's feeling safe again.

Thanks for all of the advice. You got me thinking about what was different, besides the new house. The pic below was taken just a couple days ago, content cat.

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waukesha, WI(Zone 5a)

Good! A happy ending!!!

Bartlesville, OK(Zone 6a)

That is such good news. So glad for Lucky.

Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

Oh Three Gardeners - this makes me smile!

Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9a)

So happy your kitty is now happy.

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