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Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Hi everyone ..

Well, our 2 Westie gurls (lilly and Zoey) have ear probs .. likely 'mites' .. we have the ear wash .. and the stuff that goes in after .. but, what we do NOT have are COMPLIANT terriers .. Lilly just bares her teeth, never bites, but, trying to get anything into the ear canal of a moving animal is a recipe for disaster ..
Zoey doesn't bare her teeth, she just squirms her way out of the arms of whoever is holding her ..

It's starting to look like a vet visit, but, the $100.+ bux would look better in my wallet !!!

Thanks in advance for any advice ..


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waukesha, WI(Zone 5a)

Don't know about dogs, but wiggly cats can be medicated more easily by mummy wrapping. Big fat towel, bundle them up good, no legs out, and definitely two people. If I were saving a hundred bucks, I'd try it.

They are so cute!!

Delray Beach, FL(Zone 10a)

Yes, they are awfully cute.

Our dog used to have ear mites and got ear infections once in a while. But she was an exceptional dog because she allowed us to treat her. The best thing I found for those ear problems is grain alcohol. Cheap and very effective. We would take her outside, squirt a bit of the alcohol into her ear, hold her and tell her what a good girl she was. After a while, she'd jump down, shake her head and come back to get the other ear done. As I said, that was one exceptional dog.


Everson, WA(Zone 8a)

Sheilas advice is sound but me I would give them some Benadryl or Melatonin to make them sleepy and slow down a bit. My Golden Retrievers like me to rub the inside of their ears.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Thanks everyone ..
The smaller and better behaved of the 2, Zoey, allowed us to clean her ear this morning ..
Lilly, of course, ran and hid under a bed !!

The problem with wrapping Lilly is her size and stature .. she's a 21 pound SOLID Westie, and, as she is a terrier, unless it's HER idea, it's just not going to happen ..
Looks like perhaps we'll be able to treat Zoeys ourselves, but, if Lilly gets worse, she'll be off to the vet ..
Here's hoping Westie #3 .. our little boy Piper remains 'mite free' ..

Again, thanks ..


Your Westies are just adorable. When I had to treat my cat Chloe, the med had to be refrigerated. You can imagine how well that went.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Oh my Elsie .. that would NOT impress the dogs LoL

Here's a pic of the 3 of them .. heart stealers :-)


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They are just too cute. I bet they are like a three ring circus.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

You betcha .. :-)

Initially we had Westie, Mook .. who passed in 2006 (16)
Got Lilly at 8 weeks in 2007, Piper @ 8weeks in 2010 and .. we re homed Zoey (6) last July/14 .. add to that our 22 year old pusser, Smokey, who is slowly progressing to the foot of the Rainbow Bridge, and, we have a busy house of critters ..
AND .. we wouldn't have it any other way .. these animals 'complete us'

Love them all ..


Natick, MA

Great picture of the 3 of them!!!
(I have 3 rescued shih tzus, and one is the difficult one, so I can relate!)

Ask your vet if a vet tech can do the ear drops...if it's something like this, my vet will schedule vet tech time for $20 vs. a visit. worth asking!

Heerlen, Netherlands(Zone 8b)

Hi, our Pooh is also a Westie. I had to deal with his 'strong' Westie character also. We love our Pooh to pieces, he's adorable really. But Westies need to be treated strict but also fair, otherwise they'll do whatever they like or dislike. Very stubborn ...but that's what I love about Westies..their personality. I've never raised my hand to him, never...honest, but I shaked the skin of his neck and lowered my voice: no, I'm in charge!
But in your case its best to have a pair extra hands to hold firm, maybe some calming words. If you are afraid, they 're afraid.
If the infected ear is so infected that it has to be cleaned it can be painful though. So the vet better gives them something to sleep so they will notice the painful cleaning. Also to prevent that they'll become afraid to go to the vet. But earproblems (skinproblems, mites allergy) are a real Westie issue, so our Pooh needs eardrops often also before the infection gets worse. The drops don't hurt him, are not painful at tickles. You don't have to go very deep in the ear, the oily substance finds its way. But maybe I did 'nt understood your post well and this is not the problem what you're dealing with.
Pooh loves to go to the vet. If he has to wait in the waitingroom he softly barks, calling the vet that he likes to go in. He knows what has to be done first: his weight. So he walkes by himself straight to the weight scale, sits and waits patiently until the vet has noted his weight. So smart!

Heerlen, Netherlands(Zone 8b)

Your Westies are adorable, all three of them!

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Thanks Saya
We have AGAIN, weathered a Westie storm LoL
Like you said, show them who is boss, but, do it with kindness, yet firmly .. it worked ..

Our ALPHA is the oldest female, Lilly, and, as we instilled the drops and she fought us off and was kissing me at the same time LoL

Love the breed, and, we adore our Westies as you do POOH :-)


San Antonio, TX(Zone 8a)

Our Scottie, Gandolf was the same way about his ears. Horrible reactions to having anything done. The vet made a mistake of having me hold his head the first time and he unintentionally turned around and bit me. I cried and the vet felt so bad but I was crying as I knew he hadn't done it intentionally and felt bad about it. So did the vet. He actually had to be muzzled and held to take care of his ears. I always had to be out of the room during those times. I would always cry for him.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Awww .. poor Gandolf, and you .. very distressing to have to see our fur babies upset ..

Took Zoey for her grooming today .. she shook in the car all the way there, picked her up 2 hours later and she was happy as a clam ..



San Antonio, TX(Zone 8a)

Yes, I hate to see them get upset. Now we have Phoebe the lab and Baxter the puggle.

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Heerlen, Netherlands(Zone 8b)

Phoebe and Baxter are so cute! Sad to hear what happened to you and Gandolf. Poor Gandolf...probably he got more upset about the situation because he snapped at you. My vet says that it is better to stay with him in front trying to get his attention, comforting him during the examination and preventing him to see the needle go in. Sometimes the vet needs to muzzle Pooh also, But just only when he gets to much upset in dealing with situations like x- rays or ultra sound examination. Last year he had a ultra sound examination of his belly. Can you imagine for such a small dog: muzzled and three men to hold him (me and two vets) while another vet did the examination. But still...he likes to go to the vet. The vets (husband and wife) are really so kind to him!

Pooh has a appointment for grooming next week. It is possible for me to stay with him during grooming. The lady does the grooming more like a hobby, maybe for a little extra earnings. Before that she worked 25 years as a professional in a westie groomingsalon.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Dogs with 'attitude' .. and not bad attitude .. just stubborn :-)

The vet told me that if he had to work on ANY breed involving their 'ear drum' .. he would sedate them as a dogs ear drum is deeply recessed .. I was always worried that I was going to hurt the dogs with the bottle of ear drops as the neck of the bottle seemed so long ,one wrong move and I thought I'd cause harm .. after I learned that wouldn't happen, I got a bit braver :-)

The grooming thing always has me in a turmoil .. they need it because of their coats, but, I feel SO bad when I take them ... our groomer is a lovely young lady, and has been grooming for about 12 years, does a wonderful job, and, the dogs love to see her .. guess it's Mom who has the problem LoL

Love those dogs :-)


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