I need help clipping claws

Sweet Pea is a rescue cat and I have had her almost a year. She has been abused and is still skittish. I have only been able to clip a few claws and now she does not want me to touch her feet at all. Right now she must have a claw or two that are way too long because they are catching on the carpet. She jumped off the ottoman and one claw was still stuck in it. I am worried she may hurt herself.

Does anyone have any suggestions? She is super skittish around anyone else in the house so I am not sure anyone could help me.

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Calgary, AB(Zone 3b)

I usually clipped our cats' claws when they were sleeping. Even if I only got a few at a time, I'd get them all in a few sessions. Our cats weren't particularly skittish, though. I hope she settles down for you.

Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

I do the same. Wait until she is asleep. You can get a few. Then get her used to having her little feet touched by stroking her paws when she is sitting near you. That way she will not associate having her paws touched with clipping. My cats were really skittish but after a few weeks of paw touching they just sit looking on, mildly curious, when I cut their nails.

Try to do this in a relaxed manner. They pick up on tension.

Thank you for your replies.

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

My last 2 were rescue kittens. I started clipping their claws right away............they hated it then and still do..............it is a fight to do it. I may have to resort to wrapping them in a towel. And I want to try and put "Kitty Caps" on them too. Don't know how all THAT is gonna go.

(Patti) Wichita, KS(Zone 6b)

I have two rescue cats. I have to wrap both of them in towels, but I don't try to power trip them. I wait until the squirming stops, even if it's only for a minute, and then I give a treat. It takes a while but it does get done.

Thank you all for your suggestions. I ended up taking her to the vet and while there they clipped all of her claws. She is now sharpening them for revenge. I had my shoulder replaced and right now I can't hold her with my left while I try to clip with my left. Maybe one day but just right now I cannot.

Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

"Sharpening them for revenge" - LOL!

I hope you feel stronger soon.


(Patti) Wichita, KS(Zone 6b)

I had a hip replacement August 1 of last year. I know it's different, but I can relate. Feel better!

Seattle, WA

They definitely cannot use the pricey sisal scratching post I bought with their overlong nails. None of my four will let me get anywhere near their feet anymore. I have never hurt them, to my knowledge.

waukesha, WI(Zone 5a)

Like Anna, I mummy wrap them, or call it a burrito wrap just so you can do it without them squirming away. Anytime they feel threatened, escape is the first thing on their mind. I do two of mine by mummy wrapping and waiting until they calm down a bit. I might only get one paw at a time, but if I had to take them to the vet they'd be even more traumatized so it's just step by step. Treats are good. Our youngest is most likely to struggle longer, and I've found with her I can say "Stop it! " or some such and she is so amazed that i barked at her she hold still for a couple of quick clips. Be sure to use those little scissors intended for cat claws. Nail clippers crush the nail more than cut it.

Seattle, WA

Sometimes the struggle to get them into their carriers is just as bad as the clipping!

Here are three of my five rescued kitties. One is a recluse, and the fifth, an elderly feral, now resides, peacefully, I hope, next to our pond. He gave us so much in the short time he spent with us. He had a beautiful summer in our garden, and was fed and sheltered all winter long. RIP, Teddy.

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Velveteena, I have difficulty with the carrier too. Your kitties are beautiful!

waukesha, WI(Zone 5a)

I have an "upscale" carrier that open at the top as well as the front. It's much easier to get them in that one. Mummy wrapping works for getting them in the front loader too, I just leave the towel in there for the trip. I've only had one wetting incident, in many years of cat hauling.

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