I dream of owning this pet mobile

East Texas, United States(Zone 8a)

I would LOVE to drive an itty bitty van like this one. I noticed this little Daihatsu in Hobby Lobby parking lot. The top half is mostly windows, which means my 2 pooches and kitty could each have their own window from which to look out as we whiz thru the freeway. Also, pets would be easily visible by fast food drive thru attendant, who would fall in love with them and hand me extra fries or McNuggets to give to them. The pet mobile of my dreams could be a little ratty so pets could jump in w/o me being worried about upholstery, odors or smeared windows. PM should be red and have a decent radio so pets could be treated to classical or hip hop, as mood dictates. Dreamy van would have several cup holders so pets could slurp on their own drinks rather than mine.

Finally, while ultra minivan could be ratty, 4-wheel drive would be a must to spare pets from pushing, in case of adverse driving conditions

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Spokane, WA(Zone 6a)

Hi Vossner, I have had pet mobiles all my life for my dogs influence everything I do, everyday. They would not fit in your cute little dream Daihutsu, Great Danes are 37 inches at their backs and have long necks and big heads. I had to go with a full size minivan which I affectionally call the "Muttmobile" and the nose prints on the windows are called "dog art". Go with leather seats if you can, easier to clean and does not hold doggie odors. Make a friend who owns a detail shop for you will be visiting him at least twice a year. Many years of dog shows taught me to always carry a dustpan and spatula for sick dogs don't give enough warning. Also carry plastic sacks and rolls of paper towels. For safety sake, I teach all my dogs to immediately drop down into a laying position if I look over my shoulder into my blindspot or put the tranny into reverse. It only took 2.8 seconds for the Danes to understand how to work people at any drive-ins. Even the bank gives them goodies. Their van is wine red, so I call the muttmobile, "Merlot" but make no mistake….it belongs to the Danes and they just let me drive it.

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