Another odd set of visitors today - bats in daylight

Monkton, MD(Zone 6b)

Never a dull moment up here today! I saw what I thought was a bird fly up to the peak of the cabin and I thought maybe the Phoebes had snuck a nest in there. When it didn't fly out I got the binoculars to see what the brown stuff was along the wall and soffit. It was 2 bats. One of them came out and was trying to find a better spot to hide and had a tough time of it. He kept trying to move towards an old hornet's nest base on the soffet. No gray nose disease with this fella.

Maybe they were this year's young that didn't find there way home to elsewhere in the soffet where a small colony lives. Up here in the woods it is near impossible to keep them from roosting someplace in a dwelling, one just doesn't want them inside. Now I know how we got one in the cabin in a tiny gap in the screen and the window frame. That window is right below where these 2 guys were today.

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Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

So happy to see those beautiful healthy bats!

Monkton, MD(Zone 6b)

It has been a banner year for mosquitoes this year so between the bats and the dragonflies they should be well fed. We notice when there is a drop in dragonflies - between emergences of the different species the mosquito count in the day really goes up.

Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

Same here. We do not see bats here, but I know there are some close around. Unfortunately, we have had the white nose syndrome in our part of the country. :(

Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

looks like it was trying to back into that crack and just couldn't get comfortable

Monkton, MD(Zone 6b)

pollengarden that was exactly it. The one on the left looks comfortable in the crack but the active one just looked like he was just trying to find a dark spot to fit in. I haven't seen them since so I think they found their way home the last few nights. There is a large bat cave in Iron Mountain which is about an hour away, I don't know if they go that far to over winter which will be soon here.

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