Apples in Michigan

Owosso, MI(Zone 5b)

Since we live in the same state I figure maybe others are having the same experience we are.
We have 2 apple trees and never before have we had so many apples on them so much that the branches are bending down and we have tried propping them up but not in time with one of them it actually had a top branch break in to.
Does anyone know why we got so many apples this year never before have I seen our trees so full
Plus this is the first year I have seen so many good unwormy apples on our trees very excited about that but why is that.
I also since we have never had such a good apple crop and never really picked any because they were so wormy I never really knew when to actually pick them to be fully ripe.
Anyone know and could tell me when to pick them they are Red delicious and the 2nd we think is a yellow delicious or something like that being that it is a light apple.
But I would love to also know why they aren't so wormy and why so many.

Clinton Township, MI(Zone 6a)

I don't have an answer for you. But the house across the street from me has some kind of crab apple tree and it too is LOADED! The branches are just screaming with the weight. The tree looks red because it is all fruit!

Dearborn, MI

Our apple trees are loaded, also. I attribute it to 2 things. Last year there were zero, zip, nada on those trees due to a heavy frost after blooming. The trees used up none of their potential. This years rains also helped.

The worms are anyones guess. So many apples they can't keep up. Also, the drought of last year was very hard on a lot of insects. Finally, with no apples last year, they had no food and the population was decimated. Alll just theories.

south of Grand Rapid, MI(Zone 5a)

I am finding the same thing here. We have three apple trees and don't ever spray them, so most of them (all really) end up wormy. This year they are just loaded and not worm spotted at all. I'm thrilled, but wondering what in the world I am going to do with all of them! LOL How many apple pies can you make.

We have several apple orchards around here and I just look at their picking schedule...I know they aren't ready until at least Sept.

Owosso, MI(Zone 5b)

Sarv48 what kind of apple tree do you have? Are they a baking apples in the first place because if that is the case they are good for baking pies or crisps. What I do if someone gives me baking apples (because my 2 trees unfortunately are red delicious and the other is possibly a yellow delicious was wrongly tagged was supposed to be a Macintosh which I love for baking pies and crisps and applesauce) is I peel them and slice them up and put them in plastic containers and freeze them to be used when I want to make a pie works good.
My Mother in law was a very good cook and they had a huge Macintosh tree, pears, grapes, strawberries anything you can think of and she used to make her pies up and bake them and freeze them. But I think you can also make the pies up and freeze them unbaked to take one out when you need one.
Seems like a good idea to me if they are baking apples to take advantage of a good harvest of apples you won't see it this way every year.
I have already told friends I will share since I doubt we could keep this many apples good for eating it would take us a while to eat this many apples even with an apple a day.

south of Grand Rapid, MI(Zone 5a)

One is yellow delicious..not sure what the other two are. We've never done a darn thing with them except rake them up and give them to our son who is a deer hunter.

We don't eat many pies (DH is a diabetic) and I would eat the entire thing! But I am for sure going to make a ton of applesauce.

Owosso, MI(Zone 5b)

There you go and Apple butter too just so that they are baking apples if they aren't I'm afraid they wouldn't cook up for you they would stay solid.

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