Bad Bad Haircut...

Canton, GA(Zone 7b)

So, I went to one of those "budget" places to get a trim and a larger section of bangs. I already had a chunk of cheek-bone length bangs that I really liked and cut myself, I just wanted more, and I didn't want to butcher my head.

So now I look like Edward Scissor-hands got a hold of my head. I feel like I have an 80's rocker cut. I had shoulder length hair before. It's still shoulder-length-ish, but has all sorts of uneven layers. None of the layers blend into each other. I have a chunk of bangs on the left side of my hair, but they are above my eyebrows at the beginning. Some of the hair there is seriously less than an inch long. Some of the hair that I think is supposed to be in the shortest layer is an inch long or so. There's no way that's supposed to be part of my bangs cause it doesn't even reach my forehead.... The pic I am attaching doesn't look so bad, but trust me, it's bad.

So, should I just have damage control done? Get the layers blended together and stuff? Or should I cut it shorter and embrace a shorter cut? Could I do a shorter style? I wanted to grow it, but now I am not so sure...
Also, I am slightly over-weight, so no style suggestions that look good on thin folks only please :)

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central, NJ(Zone 6b)

In the picture it looks good. but if you don't like it, a professional can blend the layers.

Canton, GA(Zone 7b)

I actually decided to cut it all off. :D

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and if you want to know if your decision is right just post these pictures on and get it voted on it just for fun you will really enjoy it

110067, India

In the picture it looks good. but if you don't like it, a professional can blend the layers.

Dahlonega, GA

Too bad it was all cut . A trim and body perm would solv the problem or a good curling iron and backswept into a shark tooth hair clip . Messy looks "In " now .

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