Asheville, NC(Zone 7a)

Does anyone on this forum know of any places that will pay to have Crowns put on my teeth my insurance does not pay for it. I am looking for a free or low cost organizations who will pay for the Crowns.

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

Any dental schools near you? Sometimes they do things for low cost.

Plainwell, MI(Zone 6a)

my daughter-in-law just graduated from University of MI Dental school. To my knowledge all dental schools do procedures at half or less than a general dentist. You get excellent work too!!!!

Bhubaneswar, India

I would suggest you to spend a little more and consult with any dentist for better result.
black beauty

Plainwell, MI(Zone 6a)

actually if you go to the school you get the best of both worlds. Less money, and the advantage of having the instructors (Full dentists and even surgeons), right there. If you have the time , its an excellent way to go.

Virginia Beach, VA

Did find someone to do your teeth ?

My dental work is almost over, my lower braces is coming off in few weeks after 1.5 years. My uppers is crowned, 14 teeth total and we are very pleased with the results.


Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

A gold crown in this country runs about $1,500 and a more cosmetic looking porcelain on gold crown will cost $1,500 to $1,800 or more. My husband was in the dental lab business and specialized in crowns. We have many dentist friends as well as several cosmetic dentists in the family. A dental school discount crown is usually a far cry from cheap or free though they might let you pay it off over time. I don't agree that the professors will provide your care as we have family that teaches in dental schools too. Some cases will be demonstrated by professors and most will be performed by supervised students. You are, after all, getting a steep discount so others may benefit and students need a live patient. Dental schools will reserve the right to use new, experimental preps and products that may or may not hold up. Crowns are considered both prosthetic and cosmetic. Maybe Medicaid will pay if you qualify. Sadly, if you can't afford a crown most dentists will pull the tooth. I applaud you for trying to save your tooth!

I was once a poor student who spent time in Emory University's chairs while they experimented with new composites on my molars. I only wanted to replace four amalgams fillings (then thought possibly unhealthy). The four composite replacements lasted two to five years and would have to be replaced with "bigger, better, newer" material. They were replaced multiple times while I was assured the next level of plastic would last a lifetime. All four composites had to be continually re-drilled for the next prep and now, many years later, I have crowns on all those teeth. I otherwise have perfect teeth at sixty three.

Virginia Beach, VA

Yes a dental school will give you dental work much cheaper than a dentist.
My braces on the lowers came off few days ago and we are very pleased with the result. I have too use a retainer for a year +. I had seen friends who had braces but their teeth moved because they did not use the retainer religiously. I plan to follow their instruction because it costs a fortune.


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Sydney, Australia

Wearing dental braces corrects and aligns our teeth so the instruction of the dentist should be followed diligently. It cost great amount so we need to be cooperative otherwise we will not get the best result. My cousins wore dental braces for almost 4 years and it was quite awful.

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